Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So being a freshman in college is obviously an interesting experience. Anyone who has attended college is aware of this. It's a year full of adventures and awkwardness and growth and independence. Well, in a poor attempt to take advantage of this, this blog is going to be all about the experiences I'll go through as I have my plethora of college adventures. Considering I'm really outgoing and really willing to do pretty much anything people dare me to (within reason of course) I tend to have lots of them. So feel free to suggest anything I should do as I start this next phase of life! I will gladly take all suggestions into consideration. And if I complete them, you can be sure you will hear about it!

So for today's adventure I'll have to give you a little backstory. I attend a Christian university where we have certain guidelines. One of these is a wonderful thing called curfew (insert sarcasm where desired). Well, we have certain curfews for different nights. On Tuesdays, we have early curfew because we have hall meetings where our RAs give us university announcements and such. However, sometimes in the midst of life, as I've learned, when you get excited you can tend to forget about other things occurring in your life.... like curfew.

For instance, if one were to have a *slight* obsession with piano... and said person were to discover an amazing piano lab at your university, said individual would most likely get distracted and spend an extended amount of time in said piano lab. However, this hypothetical person, would probably forget that it is indeed a Tuesday and that it is early curfew night. And well, when you forget about early curfew, you get in trouble, which sucks... but more importantly you miss hall meeting. Why is this important? You may ask... well this week was hall senators election week... So if said hypothetical person were to miss hall meeting, they would also miss their chance of being elected hall senator. Why would you want to be a hall senator, you may inquire.. well I don't. But, it is a low ranking position in which it is quite possible that I could ascend through the ranks and after graduation continue on, until one day, I could even rule the world. *cue evil laugh* (Ok, I know it's not realistic, but just go with it, ok?)

So, in order to rule the world I have learned that you must always remember curfew so that you can become hall senator. College Life Lesson #1, check!

Thanks for reading!
Love, Dani <3